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The best invoicing and inventory app you will ever use. Simple, Innovative and Resourceful

SIR has been designed to make it easy for Business owners to control all their core business activities right from their finger tips.

Main Features

Invoicing Customers in seconds

Create professional looking invoices within a few clicks from anywhere right after the job is done. Send it rightaway to get paid faster.

Get paid Faster

Accept online or in person payments via credit card, debit card or PayPal and get paid faster. Send invoices with payment links or charge customers as per their convenience and give them reliable ways to pay.

Invoice Read Notice

Get notified when your invoice is seen to ensure your client didnt miss the invoice

Invoice Due Date Reminders

Know when your invoice is due and forward a professionally designed due date reminder template to your client to get paid and avoid further delay

Professional Estimates Generator

Create instant Estimates with as much details that can guarantee you get the job.

Purchase orders Maker

Create Purchase orders and send them instantly to suppliers to get quicker delivery. Mark your purchase orders as delivery received upon receiving the shipment to track orders pending delivery

Receipts Creator

Issue a signed receipt upon receiving payment from your client to track unpaid invoices

Payment Vouchers Generator

Create a payment voucher when you pay your suppliers with option to get supplier signature as a proof of payment for future records. Track unpaid purchase orders

Issue Debit / Credit Notes

Issue a debit / credit note with just a click and have it recorded to the customer / supplier statement of account

Record Partial Payments/Deposits

Record an advance payment, partial payment or lumpsum payment received and adjust them while issuing an invoice

Professional templates

Choose a professional template and customize it with your brand color, logo and other requirements

Customers / Suppliers Database

Have a database of all your customers and suppliers with all information in one place


Customizable features with options to add logo, select theme color according to your brand, add signatures, attach photos, add notes and much more.

Automated Stock Tracking

Inventory is auto tracked. Get a glimpse of stock available with quantity and value and warehouse location. All items from purchase orders are auto added to stock while items from sales invoices are auto deducted. Record any opening stock, stock movement between warehouses, wastages / damages for efficient control

Multiple Warehouses

Create Multiple warehouses within each company to track the location of inventory

Manual Stock updating

If you have any opening stock, stock movement within warehouses, wastages / damages, record them manually to have updated Stock data at anytime

Low Stock level reminders

Get notified when a product Quantity falls below the reorder level to place orders in advance

Multiple Users with User Access Control

Assign multiple users with limited access to single / multiple functions or with unlimited access as a sub admin.

Products/ Services database

Have a database of all your products / services in one place with maximum information

Create Multiple Companies under one credential

If you own more than 1 company, create Multiple companies under your SIR account and track multiple businesses within the same app anytime

Trace your Taxes

Add taxes to your invoices with inclusive/ exclusive pricing and export reports that help in tax filing with the government

Reports that help in informed decisions

View Stock Report, Product Movement Report, Customers/ Suppliers statement of account, Total Sales / Purchases Report, Customer Ageing Report and Taxes collected report; filtered as required.

Option to Export to PDF

Export reports to PDF to help with book keeping and other legal requirements

Issue Thank you note

Say thanks to your customers with our professionally designed template and keep them coming back to you

Cloud based secured data

All your data is completely secured on cloud with no headache of taking back ups

Multiple currencies

We have included all the major currencies of the world. Issue invoices and other documents in any currency you deal with

Multiple languages

Available in English, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.


Access securely from any device anywhere


A Support feature within the app for solving any queries you may have related to the app functionalities.
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Control your Business from your pocket
Anytime, Anywhere

All in one app for express management of core business functions from your mobile or tablet. Automated Inventory Management, Speedy professional Invoicing, Estimates, Purchase Orders, Receipts, Payment vouchers and much more. Stay organized and in control, while saving time for concentrating on your Business itself.

Best suited for Small businesses, freelancers, service providers, Professionals, contractors, Sole proprietors and business managers.

Majority of entrepreneurs are unable to keep a track of their stock / inventory / receivables resulting in huge wastages, damages, losses, theft and fraud; In addition the inability of invoicing clients on time and following up on pending receivables has always been an issue for Entrepreneurs.

SIR has been designed to make it easy for Business owners to control all their core business activities right from their finger tips; be it tracking inventory, speedy invoicing, payment follow ups, issuing estimates, purchase orders, receipts, etc. at all times and most importantly at a very efficient and affordable pricing.

Subscribe and Stay in Control of your Business, Anytime, Anywhere

Application Insights


Premium services at affordable pricing for all sizes

Try then buy


Create 3 Products, 3 Items, 3 Taxes, 3 Customers, 3 Suppliers, 1 Invoice, 1 Estimate, 1 Purchase order, 1 Receipt, 3 Payment vouchers, 3 Debit notes, 3 Credit notes; completely Free. Use it then choose it. No credit card required.

Monthly Package


Monthly package starts at USD 9.99 only with unlimited access to all features

Annual Package


Subscribe to Annual Package and get upto 17% off. USD 99.99 only annually with unlimited access to all features

Lifetime Package


Subscribe to Lifetime Package. USD 199.99 only with unlimited access to all features. All services and feature are available at a one time cost, no future charges.

Additional Businesses


Create additional Businesses under the same credentials for free

Additional Users


Assign additional users with limited or unlimited access for free

What We Offer

Top of the line features to help you stay organized!


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1How to get started / How does the app function?
To get started, click on sign up here and create an account. Then log in with your credentials. First, you need to add your business details. Enter as much details, logo, payment details, etc.; as required to display on Invoices and other documents. Then add your products, items, taxes, customers, suppliers from respective modules in the side menu. This is in accordance with the controlling feature of the app so the users can track any activity / inventory at anytime and have all available data stored within the app for future reference/ reporting. Once above is done, then you can create invoices, estimates, purchase orders, receipts, payment vouchers from respective modules in side menu or tray icons in the bottom of home screen within seconds.
2How to switch / restore / upgrade subscription?
To switch / restore / upgrade a subscription, go to Settings then click on Subscriptions and select your preference accordingly. Terms and conditions apply.
3How to change languages?
To switch languages, go to settings then click on language and select your preference.
4When should I create a Product?
If u wish to track inventory for your businesses, create a product under My products module else create an item under My items module. Quantity under items module is not tracked. You also need to create a warehouse under My businesses module to enable Stock tracking.
5How to record opening stock?
To record opening stock of items, go to Stocks module then select update stock and record the transaction.
6How to account physical stock taking records?
To record additional items found during stock taking, go to Stocks module then select update stock and then record the items. To remove missing items during stock taking, go to Stocks module then select wastage / damage and then record the missing items.
7How to move stock between warehouses?
To move stock between warehouses, go to Stocks module from the main menu then select stock movement and then record the transaction.
8How the inventory will be updated automatically?
When an issued purchase order is marked as delivery received, stock items in the purchase order will be automatically added to the inventory stock. When a sales invoice is issued, stock items in the sales invoice will be automatically reduced from the inventory stock.
9How to delete an Invoice / Purchase order?
To delete an invoice, you need to create a credit note. To delete a Purchase order, you need to create a debit note. Since items in invoice / purchase order are linked to inventory they cannot be deleted directly. Alternatively, you can mark the particular Invoice / Purchase order as void, then it will not display in the relevant reports. If you are tracking products inventory, then after marking void, you need to go to Stocks module and add / delete the quantity in void Invoice / Purchase order through update stocks or wastage option.
10When will I receive the money in my bank account?
Your first payment will take 7 business days and all subsequent payments will take between 2-7 business days to reach your account. You can check the estimated arrival date of your payment using your Stripe / PayPal dashboard.
11How much does it cost to integrate payment gateways?
There is no upfront or monthly fees. There is a charge per transaction, which varies by country. To check the charges in your country, please visit Stripe pricing or Paypal Pricing
12 How can I set up online payments?
It takes a few minutes to set up with Stripe or PayPal. Simply enable online payments in your app and follow the instructions.
13How does SIR handle card payments?
SIR handles card payments through Stripe, a market leader in processing payments. Setting up with Stripe is easy and there are No set up costs. You only pay per transaction. For more details, visit the Stripe pricing page. On Stripe dashboard you can have complete visibility of all your transactions including card payments, pending payments and fees.
14My query is not listed here?
If your query is not listed here, log in to the app, then go to settings, then click on FAQ’s or contact us via support feature in settings and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.
15Is my data secure?
All your data is totally safe and secure on our Cloud based server.